Build Amazing, Rich Data Applications

Introducing the Personal Data Account.
Build apps and websites on data your users own for themselves.


Dataswift personal data account technology

Dataswift is an API-driven platform that lets apps and website build on top of user-owned databases. Issued to the user at account creation, these databases hold all of the user’s personal information, and can be inquired by the app at any time. Businesses get the information they need, without infringing upon the privacy of their users.


Infrastructure for advanced data access

Personal data accounts give apps and websites painless infrastructure for user accounts that’s trustworthy and scalable.

A straightforward API-driven platform

The API-driven platform is easy to build on and can issue personal data accounts in seconds.

Trusted by developers to be secure and scalable

Personal data accounts and the contracts for managing data access are clear, transparent, trustworthy, and secure.

What is a personal data account?

A personal data account is a private database that’s legally and technically ownable by technology users, rather than technology companies.

Users, either at the request of their applications or on their own, can source data for this account from across the Internet and make it accessible to apps and websites through the Dataswift API.

Dataswift issues HAT personal data accounts, which are cloud-accessible, zero-knowledge, and open source. Hub of All Things (HAT) personal data accounts were developed at Cambridge, Warwick, and other leading UK universities.



“The most advanced, production-ready solution for consumers to privately share and get insights based on their data.”

Yossi Borenstein
CEO of OneZero-me


Benefits for Apps and Websites

Businesses building on Dataswift Personal Data Account technology can gain access to rich user data without running afoul of GDPR and other regulations, or violating the online privacy of their users


Build better, more trustworthy apps

Your users own the account, you access it when you need data



Empower and represent your technology end-user

Always permissioned
User accounts give ethical, legal data access that protects your users



Embrace the scalability and security of decentralisation

Scalable and secure
Issued in seconds, and scalable to millions of accounts with no additional code



App Infrastructure Owned by Your Users


Build apps and websites without storing personal data

By using personal data accounts instead of conventional servers for data storage, you can create private analytics and personal data exchange that keep your users in control.

Scale your technology without investing in infrastructure

Building on personal data accounts takes away much of the burden of compliance, security, and scalability that comes with growing applications into the millions.

Create ethical, responsible, modern technologies 

On a personal data account platform, your app will use intimate personal information in a way that respects and empowers your users.

Build Your App With Personal Data Accounts