Who is Dataswift?

WHO IS Dataswift?

Dataswift Ltd (formerly HAT Data Exchange Ltd) is a commercial enterprise spun out from the 6-university RCUK HAT research project tasked to build the decentralised HAT Infrastructure and the governance model. From 2015-18, Dataswift built a suite of technology services and set up the legal, and economic model (the HATDeX Governance Platform) around the open-sourced HAT to scale the issuance of HAT personal data accounts.

Dataswift operates under licence from the HAT Community Foundation, a members’ organisation that sets the top-level requirements for the trust framework. Dataswift and HATCF work together to promote data rights and data mobility for innovation on the HATDeX platform.

In the innovation environment, Dataswift works with HATLAB and HAT Accelerator support the HAT R&D environment.

In the live environment, Dataswift creates contracts for data exchanges between websites/applications and HAT owners; review and approve them, manage the HATStore and the certifications necessary for a tool, app or plug to go live.

Dataswift is responsible for:

  • Creating new contracts between website/applications and HAT owners based on requests and review the website/application for release into the live environment

  • Check that all contracts are valid whenever a HAT owner logs into a website/application

  • Ensuring data exchanges between all entities in the ecosystem are safe, speedy, secure, smooth and legally allowable

  • Ensuring data contracts, when implemented in the live platform, are transparently displayed for data usage, purpose and duration; logged and executed.

  • Providing metadata services to grow and facilitate data exchanges

  • Continuing to improve the HATDeX platform with inputs and advice from HATLAB research and innovation on the technological, legal and economic engineering of the HATDeX platform and the HAT ecosystem.

  • Enabling and supporting new cross application functionalities, data exchanges, data repositories, views, analysis and intelligence for HAT owners.

  • Maintaining and updating the open-sourced HAT baseline technology