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Use cases:

The sensor band

Alex buys a little sensor band called MyAir around his wrist that records air quality and location. The sensor band comes with an App. When Alex opens up the app, MyAir informs Alex that his data will be kept in a special technology called a HAT Personal Data Account which will enable him to own and reuse his data. Alex agrees to proceed. He sets up his account by keying in an email and a password. He accepts the HAT Terms of service and MyAir T&Cs by clicking ‘Confirm’. HATDeX spins up a new HAT PDA in the cloud and transfer the rights of the PDA database to Alex. A “namespace” within the HAT called MyAir is also created at the same time. HATDeX then sets up the contract* between MyAir and Alex. Alex wears his MyAir band every day and keeps track of his daily air quality intake.Alex discovers that myAir has a service which recommends routes that have the cleanest air based on where he is going on his calendar. He selects this service. MyAir asks if he wishes to integrate his calendar with his myAir App so that myAir can recommend routes that have the cleanest air. Alex agrees to integrate and authenticates with his calendar account. The Calendar Data Plug on the HAT is enabled. Data from Alex’s preferred calendar comes into the Calendar namespace in Alex’s HAT and is synchronized. Since Alex agreed to MyAir using his data on his HAT, MyAir pays HATDeX $0.02 per API call as a “data transaction fee” whenever MyAir fetches Alex’s HAT data to generate visualisations of the air quality during his routes. However, Alex has also agreed to MyAir using his Calendar data therefore MyAir has to pay HATDeX a higher price of $0.02 per API call for data that is not available in the MyAir namespace.