Build amazing, rich data applications.

Personal data accounts will power the next thirty years of apps and websites. Get the full value of personal data exchange, with none of the data liability.


Introducing the personal data account


Giving you advanced data without the infrastructure

Dataswift’s personal data accounts are user-owned account infrastructure that you can use to create apps and websites.

An API platform for secure, user-owned data exchange

The Dataswift technology stack issues personal data accounts and manages data access contracts between apps and users.

Trusted by developers to be secure and scalable

All of our applications are all built on accounts that users and developers can trust to remain secure and upwardly scalable.


This is app infrastructure that’s owned by your users


Build apps and websites without storing personal data

By using personal data accounts instead of conventional servers for data storage, you can create private analytics and personal data exchange that keep your users in control.

Scale your technology without investing in infrastructure

Building on personal data accounts takes away much of the burden of compliance, security, and scalability that comes with growing applications into the millions.

Create ethical, responsible, modern technologies 

On a personal data account platform, your app will use intimate personal information in a way that respects and empowers your users.


Dataswift supports: iOS, Android, Web

What is a personal data account?

A personal data account is a simple alternative to conventional corporate data ownership. They are small, user-ownable databases that are shipped to the user at account creation and made accessible to app builders and websites with permission on-demand.

Issued by apps, instead of created

Personal data accounts are issued by apps to their users during account creation, rather than being created and stored on corporate servers.

The account will be created in seconds by calling the Dataswift API, and your users can populate it with data from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Fitbit, and more.

Ethical, responsible technology

Because personal data accounts are user-owned, they can give applications access to quantities of personal data (large or small) completely on-demand.

Once created, personal data accounts facilitate agreements between user and application to share data. Websites gain valuable user data without having to own it.

Instantaneous, scalable data

Dataswift personal data accounts are created in seconds from a simple API call, and they’re as easy to use as social sign-on.

Our user-owned alternative to conventional data exchange is not only responsible technology, it’s also infinitely scalable. Get to millions of users without changing your code.

Benefits for apps and websites

Businesses building on Dataswift personal data account technology can gain access to rich user data without running afoul of GDPR and other regulations, or violating the online privacy of their users

Build better, more trustworthy apps

Your users own the account, you access it when you need data


Empower and represent your technology end-user

Always permissioned
User accounts give ethical, legal data access that protects your users


Embrace the scalability and security of decentralisation

Scalable and secure
Issued in seconds, and scalable to millions of accounts with no additional code


About the company

Dataswift is a Cambridge and London-based startup selling technology to make the open-sourced HAT Microserver the new standard for consumer-facing apps and websites. Founded in 2016, we are trusted by apps and websites around the world to offer ethical, responsible rich data infrastructure that keeps Internet end-users in control.

Trusted by companies

Dataswift customers use our infrastructure to build next-generation applications where their users own the data

We work with some of the world’s largest enterprises and most innovative startups. Our customers are in healthcare, financial services, social media, and more.

Loved by end-users

Users trust their personal data accounts because we put them in control

Every consumer gets a personal data account when they sign up to an app or service built on our technology. They can access and control their data at any time through our apps for iOS, Android, and the Web.

Get all of this through one easy API platform

Create an account in seconds and build your application with ease, as we take care of all the infrastructure. Try Dataswift today.


Build your app on personal data accounts