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Step 1: The Personal Data Account

Personal data accounts offer a richer alternative to owning your user’s personal data for yourself. Issue your users an account they can own instead, and access data when you need it using the Dataswift Developers API.


Step 2: Issuing to your customers

You can build an application on user-owned infrastructure using the Dataswift API. When your users choose to create an account or login, invite them to create a personal data account instead with just a few clicks. Onboarding works alot like it does when your users choose to “log in with Google” or use other forms of Social Sign-on (SSO).


Step 3: Accessing user data

Now that you don’t own your users’ personal data anymore, you need a way to access it. When your users create a personal data account (or at any time afterwards) you can ask them to give you permission to inquire personal data from their account by calling their API. Contracts to access user data are first-party legal contracts, and are signed with a few clicks just like your conventional end-user license agreements (EULA).


Step 4: Paying for infrastructure

Now that your users personal data accounts have been set up and you can access their personal data, you need to pay for it just like you would cloud storage on AWS or Google Cloud. The Dataswift platform charges you per-API to access the data in your users’ accounts, at a rate that is competitive with conventional hosting. For pennies, you can offload all your data storage, security, and compliance obligations to us at Dataswift.


Step 5: Scaling your application

Your users have a personal data account, and your application is now offering them rich services using data from that account. You can easily grow your application to millions of users without having to worry about storage, scalability, and user security. Your users’ own infrastructure and the Dataswift platform take care of all of that for you. You can even change the features you offer and the contracts you hold with your users, all without significant changes to your code.


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