Build amazing, rich data applications.

Solutions to enable the next-gen applications without the risk or liability of personal data infrastructure.


Solutions for complex problems


Advanced data without additional infrastructure.

Dataswift offers decentralised user account infrastructure, for use in private analytics, personal data exchange, and with robust security.

Future technology, trusted by developers.

Dataswift is built on HAT infrastructure and scales automatically, for even the largest apps. Build advanced technology on the most sensitive user data, responsibly.

One platform, for user accounts that work better together. 

Dataswift applications are all built on great user data, and DataSwift account infrastructure is fully interoperable.


Dataswift supports: iOS, Android, Web

Personal data accounts

A richer alternative to corporate data ownership. Always-accessible, on-demand, user-owned accounts you can issue in the blink of an eye.

Don’t create an account, issue one

Don’t create user accounts on your app, issue a personal data account instead

✓ Secure

✓ Trustworthy

✓ Created in seconds

The account will give your users a secure, trustworthy place to put data from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Fitbit, and more just by calling the Dataswift API.

Access your users’ data responsibly

You can access data in your users’ personal data account with simple legal agreements

✓ Ethical

✓ GDPR-compliant

✓ Rich data access

Users sign data agreements with your application in just a few clicks. You gain access to intimate, valuable user data without violating privacy or having to host it yourself.

Build your app on personal data accounts