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Personal data accounts in use


The MyAir sensor band

Imagine Alex buys the wearable “MyAir” around his wrist, that records air quality and location. The sensor band comes with an App.

When Alex opens up the app, MyAir informs Alex that his data will be kept in a special technology called a personal data account which will enable him to own and reuse his data. Alex agrees to proceed.

Dataswift sets up a contract between MyAir and Alex, logging the time and date of the contract when Alex clicks ‘Confirm’. Dataswift sends Alex an email on behalf of MyAir to congratulate him on creating his HAT personal data account.

Since Alex has agreed to MyAir using his data on his HAT, MyAir pays Dataswift $0.02 per API call as a “data transaction fee” whenever MyAir fetches Alex’s HAT data to generate visualizations of the air quality during his routes. Alex wears his MyAir band every day and keeps track of his daily air quality intake.


The SPORTI car application

Kris buys a new car called the SPORTI, which comes with a unique interface that has several personalisation features. Kris chooses one called “Log your route in your calendar”. This feature allows SPORTI to remember the route Kris takes at a specific time on a specific day.

The SPORTI interface informs her that her car journeys will be kept in a special technology called a personal data account which will enable her to own and reuse her data. Kris accepts HAT Terms of Service and SPORTI’s T&Cs by clicking ‘Confirm’.

SPORTI asks Kris if she wants to integrate her calendar data, a necessary action for the ‘Log your route in your calendar’ feature. Kris agrees, and authenticates with her calendar account. SPORTI also asks if she wishes to integrate her Spotify data so that music she listened to is logged as well. Kris agrees again.

Since Kris has agreed for SPORTI to use the data in her personal data account, SPORTI pays Dataswift $0.002 per API call as a “data transaction fee” whenever SPORTI fetches Kris’ HAT data to display car journeys on the dashboard. SPORTI saves Kris’ journey data.

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Dataswift offers decentralised user account infrastructure, for use in private analytics, personal data exchange, and with robust security.

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Dataswift is built on HAT infrastructure and scales automatically, for even the largest apps. Build advanced technology on the most sensitive user data, responsibly.

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Dataswift applications are all built on great user data, and DataSwift account infrastructure is fully interoperable.


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