Growth and Marketing Associate

Closing date: 15 September 2019

Job Title: Growth and Marketing Associate

Hours: Full time, to start in September 2019

Location: Cambridge & London

Responsible to: CCO 

Accountable to: CCO

Significant relationships: —

Salary: £30,000, with options and opportunities for very quick advancement


The HAT Data Exchange is hiring employees number 4 and 5 to work on growth and analytics. We’re an incredibly lean (heh :smirk:) Cambridge-based commercial team who has just raised Seed, and we’re growing our user base 10-20% month over month. You’ll be working with the Chief Commercial Officer and a senior Growth and Marketing team lead, both of us young, hungry startup professionals with 2-3 companies under our belts. Come on board if you want to pull weight at one of the most interesting young technology companies to come out of Cambridge.



Lean Startups 


Business Development


Type of role: 

Full-time employee

Remote? Ok.

Primary role: Marketing

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Growth Sprints

DataSwift is developing a growth and marketing engine targeting developers, startups, and other fast-growing businesses. You will contribute weekly to the business development and marketing sprints, working with the Head of Growth and Marketing and CCO to develop a scalable engine of growth.  If Eric Ries said it, we’re doing it.

External Comms

Your tools will be the websites, social channels, and emails that we use every day to have conversations with our users, and in our weekly growth sprints you will use them to learn more about all our awesome customers. You will need to write, joke, chat, listen, and empathise with them, and will hold the face of our company in your purview.

Reporting and Insights

The Weekly Growth Sprints are our primary tool for generating all of the HAT’s new business, and the Head of Growth and Marketing that you’ll be working with is responsible for reporting on how well that work is going to the whole commercial team, our developers and engineers, and of course the CEO and executive. You’re going to help - we’ll all work together like a little hit squad to make sure we learn as much as we possibly can about our customers.

Skills, Qualifications and Experiences:

Communications – you are joining an elite (*buffs nails*) team of early business-side startuppers, working on the hardest job in startups: early-stage growth. Good, no, great communication is essential. If you’ve never worked in startups before that’s ok too - we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Which reminds me…

Learning - very, very few people have elite-level experience in high-growth startups. If you do (awesome, come work with us!!) you know that learning is a huge part of the job. If you don’t this is going to be a place where you can pick up hundreds if not thousands of new skills, and really stretch your abilities. Sound fun?

Time management – we have too much to do, and you will too. If you can work well under pressure and manage your time and tasks efficiently, you’re going to love it here.

Marketing – ultimately, our job is to know and love our customers. The more we get them, the easier they’ll be to find, onboard, and make happy, which is the whole job of a new startup like ours. That’s how we think marketing really works at this stage of growth. Sure, we may use websites and social and advertising to do that work, but it’s a communications job at heart.

Problem-solving – no one has ever (!!) sold our product before, and no one we’re selling to has ever bought it before. This job is all about problem solving. If you’re good at puzzles, or can’t rest when you have a juicy conundrum in front of you, this job will give you a lot of satisfaction.

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