Operations and HR Executive

Closing date: 15 September 2019

Job Title: Operations and HR Executive

Hours: Full time, to start in September 2019

Responsible to: Head of Operations 

Accountable to: COO

Significant relationships: —

Location: Cambridge & London

Salary: £30,000 - £35,000, with options, training and opportunities to be part of the executive team

Job Summary:

Managing and optimizing the day-to-day activities of the company. 

Overall Responsibilities

Implement Operational Procedures

Assist the Head of Operations in ensuring that the company’s daily activities run smoothly particularly in terms of its usage of digital tools to ensure seamless coordination across remote and physical sites,  documenting, implementing and streamlining procedures and processes.

Manage Available Resources

Assist the Head of Operations to manage company resources in order to meet goals and objectives, particularly with a globally distributed team.  Propose, provide in-house training and implement relevant digital tools; Manage office & facilities across all sites. Track and monitor assets (ie. Laptop etc) of the company. The Operations and HR executive will also be responsible for sourcing and booking travelling arrangements for the team and managing company events.

Collect and Analyse data on Operations Performance

Regular analysis of operational activities enable the Operations and HR executive to assist the Head of a Operations to analyse and report on overall company performance. This is then presented to the executive leadership team through written reports and oral presentations.

Transactional HR

Operations and HR Executive is responsible for transactional HR:
a) recruitment: Firm up job roles and job descriptions, draft offer letters, maintain employee contracts
b) payroll: Process payroll, submit Pensions contributions file
c) engagement:  arrange team activities, leavers and performance reviews
Support colleagues as they attend trainings

Skills, Qualifications and Experiences:

Resource management – Operations and HR executive prioritize and manage available resources, such as personnel and revenue and the optimise resources through digital tools  They must also exercise these skills to manage their own time and fulfill their extensive responsibilities

Data analysis – a Operations and HR executive extracts critical and actionable information from large amounts of data. They regularly review performance and sales records to uncover how operations can be optimized for future growth

Communication skills – Operations and HR executive use clear oral and written communication to manage large teams and convey critical information to the executive team

Digital Native skills - Dexterity in juggling online and offline communications and organisational processes and procedures. Able to work using digital tools such as Slack, Skype and Zoom for communication, Asana for project management, Xero for finance, Google sheets, docs and slides. Capable of multi-device coordination (laptop, tablet and mobile phone) and understand what tool is to be used when and what form of communication is optimal.

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