Responsible Data

How do you treat your users’ data ethically, legally, and with security?

With Dataswift you can build any app or website on user-owned personal data accounts.

How big is the challenge of responsible data handling? You have to secure customer’s data while being transparent on how to use it, respectful of their privacy and absolutely fair when deciding if its uses really benefits your clients best interests or just your company.

A responsible data handling process assumes not only complying with regulations, but also building a strong core of ethical values to make the right decisions when the law is outdated, vague, or even not existent. Sounds difficult? We can help you with that!

Dataswift’s solution is based on HAT Personal Data Accounts, the HAT PDA, where users store data without losing the ownership over it. When a company asks for some of the user’s personal information, Dataswift  issues auto-generated contracts that enable HAT owners to give permission on demand, avoiding the necessity of hoarding customers data in your application or website.

Our platform helps you develop modern, ethical applications.


User Empowerment

How do you comfortably and equitably accept rich data from your users?

With Dataswift your customers can sign first party data contracts, instead of consent agreements, so they can feel comfortable giving you access to the data you need.


Upward Scalability

How can you scale to millions of users while preserving and protecting rich data access?

Dataswift’s external API-driven platform makes regulatory compliance, rich-data access, scalability and security a breeze at any size.

The Dataswift API-driven technology platform lets companies give user information back to their users, storing on user-owned infrastructure instead of on their corporate servers. Using Personal Data Accounts that can be issued in seconds, companies don’t have to change anything about their app or technology in order to scale to millions of users. In other words, no code needs to be re-written, no servers need to be expanded to add additional users, and no extra security precautions need to be implemented as your company’s membership grows. This is the beauty of user-owned data accounts, which take away much of the burden of compliance, security, and storage infrastructure concerns.