Growing with the HAT

News of our raise covered here: Cambridge Network, UKTN Security Week PitchBook TechMarketView and our announcement

Following the announcement of our raise, our community of partners have sent in their best wishes and we thought we would share some of their views with everyone else!

From Chris Grantham, Executive Director Circular Economy, IDEO,

At IDEO Circular Economy, we are exploring how to leverage HAT PDA's in order to build a trusted mechanism for apparel usage tracking.

So excited by the momentum we are seeing as the HAT platform develops. This feels historic and you folks are making that history.

Come talk to IDEO about how HAT is helping us accelerate a circular economy!

From Yossi Borenstein, CEO, OneZero-Me,

We were looking to partner with a company to help develop a solution for consumers to privately share and get insights based on their data. We contacted a number of companies in this space and found HAT to be the most advanced, production-ready solution. The Dataswift team were very approachable and accommodating, making a genuine effort to ensure that their solution would work for our use-case.

We were also impressed by how driven they are by the vision of making ethical data mobility work, to the extent of structuring the organisation in a way that ensures that the commercial arm is governed by the HAT Community Foundation. We're looking forward greatly to growing and developing our products with HAT.

We're building the Onezero-Me Financial Passport - promoting Open Finance by leveraging Data Mobility and Ethical AI. With a Financial Passport, consumers can privately pool their essential documents and personal data into a Personal Data Account (powered by HAT). We transform their data securely into tools to make financial products more accessible – from self-sovereign identity to alternative credit and risk scores.

From Grant Sidwell, Tytonical,

We found HAT initially thinking it would be a competitor, but soon recognised it could be a powerful technology to work with rather than against. We're excited to see HAT grow and hope we can be part of that story.

Tytonical is building out consent driven experiences and HAT's are a no-brainer to power our solution. We enable retailers to provide frictionless shopping experiences without the need for an app eg; Fill-up and go at petrol stations, ticketless parking, Click and collect delivered straight to your car, all powered by data licensed from the consumer.

From Victoria Kerrisk, Co-founder of Cérge,

In late 2018, we came across HAT whilst researching a solution to empower individuals with their personal data. HAT was the top result in a quick Google search but the extensive strategy, thinking, ecosystem and commercial acumen behind HAT ensured we jumped in 'boots and all' to become partners. We have pivoted three times in those 9 months as we rapidly move to bring our business to life. Cérge is based in Australia and we are very excited to be working with Irene and the team as Dataswift looks to scale.

Individuals will come to treat personal digital data as precious as any financial currency which will bring tremendous value in every day life. As the only Australian based partner of HAT we aim to launch in late 2019. Cérge is the bridge between the online world and physical world with the promise that consumers will be treated like a VIP and have access to personalised service; exclusive offers and bonus loyalty points the moment they walk into a physical retail store (in exchange for their personal digital data).

From Sandeep Golecha, Business and tech advisor, Oomero Ltd,

Its been a short journey for me with HAT but I feel I have become more accustomed with the team and the people. The solution I am creating is ideally suited to the HAT environment but there were many difficulties in understanding how it worked as it is a different way of thinking.. The journey has been excellent for me and my team and the excitement I feel from both sides pushes encouragement and the drive to create something which will be truly exceptional.

My thought for the future is that HAT will be a game changer in the coming years. From my own viewpoint and how my business looks at its implementation we feel the future will be very rosy for the HAT environment. The growing need for direct control of personal data is coming to head and we feel the tipping point will be coming very soon. My product is a global product with customers already in countries such as India and UK, Canada and USA and we feel the way it needs to be addressed is well serviced by the HAT product

Oomero is business which function around a Total Compliance product which is the real requirement for KYC for all firms small and large. For the smaller company we carry out automated and manual checks and for larger companies we reduce the number of integrations and give them the option of using our in-house compliance team to reduce the cost of compliance. The HAT allows us to bring key data ownership to every individual and ensure they know who is checking them and when. We bring transparency to whole ecosystem and put the power of the individual data in the owners hands - we just provide the ecosystem for this to be used within.

From Professor Chris Speed, Professor of Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh and one of the original 7 HAT Professors,

Congratulations Irene and team, your drive to evolve an theory, into an idea, into a large research project (or three), into a company is outstanding. In such a short period of time.

Meeting you and working on HAT changed a whole bunch of ways that I write and speak about Design. Only yesterday we were running a workshop using Quality Street sweets to explore co-creation of value through data.

The importance and opportunity for the public to begin valuing their own data is made much more possible, much more real because of HAT.

The Centre for Design Informatics developed the internet toilet roll holder which still sends data to the internet today. It remains not only a talking and laughing point, but a brilliant communication device about the need for the public to use HAT Technology to take care to value their own data.