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Welcome! Filling in the Partner Enrolment form is the first stage for joining the HAT Ecosystem as an integrated Partner.

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Next Steps

Upon approval of your partner status, you will be given a welcome kit with access to the DataSwift Sandbox for a HAT test app to learn how to integrate with HATs. You will also be issued a Partner ID, which you can use to issue HATs to your customers as a developer in the sandbox. When your website or application is ready to go live, you can request from Dataswift for a contract to be set up between your website/app and your users (the HAT owners). This contract is the HMI.

What are HAT Microserver Instructions (HMIs)

HMIs are a set of instructions that include permissions and executions of the HAT Microserver confirmed by the HAT owner. Every application will enter into a legal contract with a HAT owner for the usage of the HAT Microserver whether it is to write data into the HAT, read or request for data on the HAT.

Graduation into Live Environment

Once your application is reviewed and tested in the DataSwift Sandbox, you can then launch it in the live environment. You will be given a different set of credentials to go into production mode. Your application/website will then be listed on the HATStore.

What is in the review?

Our review process are quick if the data you are asking for from your customers are standard read/write into your own application namespace. If you require data from other namespaces within the HAT, and if the nature of the data is sensitive, your application may need further review from our governance team.